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Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

We're no strangers when it comes to the beauty aisle. In fact, we'd like to think of it as our second home. But, each of our beauty safe spaces—Ulta, Sally Beauty, SEPHORA, just to name a few—can have different must-shop items. And how do you know just what to stock up on when you hit up each store? That's where we come in. This week, we're sharing with you the must have items from a fave of ours, Sally Beauty. To help us on our mission to find the best of the best, we tapped Gregory Patterson, celebrity stylist on Project Runway and celebrity ambassador for Sally Beauty. See his top five picks below!

1) Beautique Premium Boar Nylon Cushion Brush ($8)

beautique Premium Boar Nylon Cushion Brush

"It is identical to a Mason Pearson," says Gregory. "The feel is identical, the performance is identical. It's $8. I literally would die without it. There's a comparison, too, that this blogger did with the flexibility of the rubber, with the density of the bristles...everything is the exact same. The only difference is [Beautique] is not hand-polished, it's machine polished. And—they have a little mini!"

2) Ion Shaping Plus Styling Spray ($7.99, Sally Beauty)


Ion Shaping Plus Styling Spray

"It is a super lightweight, workable hairspray—great for styling, great for curling, great for flat-ironing, great for just soft touchable hair. [It gives] tons of tons of shine."

3) Ion Magnesium Flat Iron from the Ion Magnesium Collection ($84.99, Sally Beauty)

Ion Magnesium Flat Iron from the Ion Magnesium Collection

"What's so great about the Magnesium Pro line is we have a 1-inch curling iron, flat iron, and blow dryer," explains Gregory. "Magnesium retains heat so much truer. So, when you are putting an iron into your hair at 430 degrees, your hair will absorb the heat, then the iron has to recover, right? So, as you're passing along [your hair shaft], you're getting 430, 420, 410, 400. So, by the time you get to the ends of your hair, the heat has been sucked in so your style has been compromised. Your style is true from root to tip [with this]. You can style 430 degrees, all the way down."

4) Shea Moisture Men Full Beard Detangler ($8.99, Sally Beauty)

Shea Moisture Men Full Beard Detangler

"My other must have is actually a men's product that's actually brand new to Sally Beauty from Shea Moisture," he says. "It is their Beard Detangler. I've never in my life thought that I would need or use or want a beard detangler, but my beard is so damn soft and shiny [after using this]. So, for girls looking for guys, for guys looking for guys—any time you need a little romance in your life, put some beard conditioner on it."

5) Silk Elements Pure Argan Oil ($9.99, Sally Beauty)

Silk Elements Pure Argan Oil

"I'm a huge oil fan—argan, olive, jojoba. I love oils in hair and on skin. [My favorite is] argan because I'm such a fan of that dewy skin look. I'm also a fan of really good hair, and when you use oils on wet hair, it absorbs and can really penetrate and keep the moisture content high within the hair. Silk Elements are pure, pure, pure oils, so there are no fillers," he adds. "I love these for so many reasons. For skin, I tap it into my skin before moisturizer or you can mix it into your moisturizer. You can obviously use it in your hair, but I also use it to power up my conditioners in the shower. So, let's say you use a super lightweight conditioner, but you want a treatment, add just a few drops into your conditioner in your shower. It's literally one of those does it all products!"


What products do you always stock up on at Sally Beauty? Let us know your top picks!

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