What to Bring: Trick-or-Treating With Your Kids

What to Bring: Trick-or-Treating With Your Kids

Your kids are definitely ready for trick-or-treating -- but are you? Don't forget these essentials before you go get that candy!

1. Flashlight

Get one for you and for each of your trick-or-treaters!

2. Batteries

Have some extra on hand in case your flashlight goes out!

3. Reflective Tape

Better safe than sorry -- so sneak a few pieces of these into your kid's Halloween costume. 

4. Bag/Pillowcase

As a parent, you probably play a ton of different roles -- and tomorrow night, you'll probably be holding the extra candy. Be prepared.

5. Matching Costume

Delight/mortify your kid with a costume to match theirs!

(image & tutorial via A Beautiful Mess)

What will you be bringing when you go trick-or-treating tomorrow night?