What To Bring: The Perfect Labor Day BBQ

What To Bring: The Perfect Labor Day BBQ

The summer may be winding down, but there's still reason to celebrate. Labor Day weekend is right around the corner, and that means BBQs on BBQs on BBQs! You don't want to be "that" guy who hosts a BBQ and doesn't have the essentials. So make sure to you and your guests can make the most of your end-of-the-season grillfest by picking up these five items.

1. Guardian Backyard 4-Hour Repellent 

You don't want your guests to be bothered with mosquitos. Keep those pesky bugs away from the food and your skin with this quality 4-hour repellent. Nothing is more annoying than getting eaten alive by mosquitos when you're trying to enjoy a beer by the pool with your friends. 

2. KitchenAid Stainless Steel Locking Tongs

Flip those hot dogs and burgers like Gordon Ramsay. Okay, maybe this isn't Master Chef, but grilling gets pretty serious when you've got hungry guests, and you don't want to waste time, or burgers, because you flipped food into the grill. Get a good pair of tongs, you'll thank us later.

3. Dixie Foods Heavy Weight Paper Plates

You can't just go out and get any old paper plates for the BBQ. Paper plates are the obvious choice, because you and I both know no one wants to do the dishes. Make sure you get some paper plates that are sturdy enough to hold all the food your guests are going to eat. No one likes it when their spare rib falls on the floor due to a weak plate.

4. Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Suncreen

Avoid looking like a newb when you get back to the office on Tuesday by using some sunscreen. This sunscreen is perfect way to give you a light glow without getting burned. It's the last weekend of the summer so savor your outside time, but avoid those harmful rays.

5. Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce

Everyone is different. From ranch dressing on your salad to ketchup & mustard on your hot dogs, stock up on all the condiments your BBQ needs to have satisfied bellies. Sweet Baby Rays is always a crowd pleaser, but don't forget the less common ones like Chipotle Mayo and Siracha!

What are your BBQ essentials? Comment below!