What to Bring: Beach Day

What to Bring: Beach Day

We know it's only Monday, but we can't help but dream about the beach weekend that is ahead. With September right around the corner, you've got to make sure each summer day counts. Sometimes you only have a day, and hey that's okay, sometimes that's all you need. Here are our picks for beach essentials, what are yours? What are you bringing to the beach this weekend?


1. Bikini Top (That Doubles as a Crop Top)

Obviously you're going to need a cute suit to bring to the beach. We chose this one from asos simply because its shape & varying colors make it a multi-functional choice for any weekend getaway.  Bikini top by day, crop top by night, this one can easily be transformed to a crop top when paired with a maxi skirt or a pair of shorts.

2. Sun Hat

Secondly you'll want to be a little proactive about the sun your skin will be exposed to.  Sunscreen or not, long days at the beach usually lead to burns. Grab a sun hat like this one from free people, you won't regret it.

3. Closed Toe Shoes

Going to the beach you might assume that sandals are the best decision, but sometimes it isn't always that easy. If you're going to be on a boardwalk, usually made of wood (cue splinters), you may want to get some extra coverage on your feet. These pineapple print ones from Piperlime are adorable & really easy to get on & off.

4. Portable Speakers

You're finally there. Lounging on the beach with your friends. What's missing? Your personal theme song. Grab a portable speaker like this Mini Jambox from Jawbone & you're set. Its super tiny, easy to transport, & doesn't even need WiFi.

5. Towel

Don't forget to bring a towel. Nobody likes the friend who runs the towle to body ratio. This one from Target is a good option, but any will do.

You don't need a whole weekend to enjoy the beach. And with these 5 essential items, one day might just be enough!




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