What Scary Movie Does Your State Love Best?


It's almost Halloween and that means it's time to settle in with an absolutely terrifying flick. This time of year, our cinematic tastes skew to the not-for-the-faint-of-heart and it turns out we're not the only ones. Last year we filled you in on the top-rated Halloween candy state-by-state and this time it's all about freaky flicks.

In 2016, we surveyed 15,237 Influensters across 50 states including the District of Columbia to see which Halloween movie reigns supreme.

Check out our map below to see which Halloween movie your state voted as the top for a frightful night in:

the top scary movies state by state

Fun Facts:

The cult classic, Hocus Pocus (1993), was the winner with the most number of states picking it as their favorite scary movie to watch. This film won over the hearts of Americans across 12 different states and also pulled the highest total number of votes–proving that its legacy as a Halloween mainstay is still very strong 23 years after opening in theaters. The movie that came in second place for total number of votes was The Conjuring (2013); eight states chose this film as a favorite proving that they have a high stress tolerance and a penchant for what many dub as the one of the scariest movies of our time. Insidious (2010), a low-budget horror flick that did exceedingly well in the box office, placed third in overall votes. Notably, it may come as no surprise that Texas picked The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974), filmed in central Texas and credited with originating several elements common in the slasher genre, as the state’s top scary movie.

State By State Breakdown:

Alabama: Hocus Pocus

Alaska: Saw

Arizona: The Conjuring

Arkansas: Hocus Pocus

California: The Conjuring

Colorado: Jaws

Connecticut: Paranormal Activity

Delaware: The Conjuring

Florida: Insidious

Georgia: Child’s Play

Hawaii: Hocus Pocus

Idaho Hocus Pocus

Illinois: The Conjuring

Indiana: Hocus Pocus

Iowa: Hocus Pocus

Kansas: Hocus Pocus

Kentucky: Hocus Pocus

Louisiana: Friday The 13th

Maine: The Conjuring

Maryland: Final Destination

Massachusetts: Jaws

Michigan: Hocus Pocus

Minnesota: The Conjuring

Mississippi: Final Destination

Missouri: Nightmare On Elm Street

Montana: The Sixth Sense

Nebraska: Paranormal Activity

Nevada: Halloween

New Hampshire: The Shining

New Jersey: The Exorcist

New Mexico: The Conjuring

New York: Final Destination

North Carolina: Jaws

North Dakota: The Sixth Sense

Ohio: Hocus Pocus 

Oklahoma: Hocus Pocus

Oregon: Nightmare on Elm Street

Pennsylvania: Silence of the Lambs

Rhode Island: Child’s Play

South Carolina: The Amityville Horror

South Dakota: The Conjuring

Tennessee: Silence of the Lambs

Texas: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Utah: Hocus Pocus

Vermont: Carrie

Virginia: The Sixth Sense

Washington: Carrie

West Virginia: Insidious

Wisconsin: Insidious

Wyoming: Saw

District of Columbia: The Ring

These are some of the key findings from an Influenster survey conducted from October 6th -18th, 2016 with a total of 15,237 completes and a sample of 15,237 users across all ages (Under 18: 12%; 18-24: 37%; 25-29: 20%; 30-34: 12%; 35 - 39: 8%, 40-44: 5%; 45 and over: 6%) with heavy social media usage (On 2+ social media channels: 99%). Average age of respondent: 27. The survey was conducted online in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. The margin of sampling error is +/- 0.75 percentage points.

What's your favorite Halloween movie? Share your favorite scary flick below?

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