What Moms In America Want This Mother's Day, State By State!

Still stumped on what to get your mom this Mother's Day? Not to worry! We've surveyed over 4,500 Influenster mothers across all 50 states to find out what they want for Mother’s Day this year as well as whom they’d like to receive the gifts from. Don't even think about trying to get out of buying a gift this year—only 1% of moms said that they don’t like to receive gifts on Mother’s Day.

Best Mother's Day Gifts By State By Influenster

3 Key Tips For Giving A Great Gift This Mother's Day:

1. Leave the handmade gifts to the younger kiddies.

The way to your mom's heart isn't necessarily through a handmade gift. When asked about general gift types they'd like to receive for Mother's Day, young mothers across the country revealed they would most like to receive a pamper gift (72%), followed by a physical gift (53%), an experiential gift (48%) and then a DIY gift (33%) trailing at the end of their preference spectrum.


2. Treat her like a queen with cosmetics!

Consistent with trends from recent years, flowers are no longer as desired by this generation of American moms as they have been in the past. When young mothers were asked about what they specifically wanted for Mother’s Day this year, the top gift for the most number of states was cosmetics. California, Indiana, North Carolina, New Mexico, Texas, Washington and West Virginia are the seven states that had young moms setting their eyes on beauty products this Mother’s Day.


3. Dads definitely need to be thoughtful on Mother's Day, too.

Surprisingly, young moms would prefer if their spouses (83%) showed their appreciation with gifts on Mother’s Day above all other people in their lives – children (79%), parents (19%), friends (15%), relatives (13%) and siblings (10%). That might be because a good portion of this generation of mothers has kids that are still too young to shower them with gifts.


So, what will you be getting your mom this Mother's Day? Will it be one of the gifts mentioned above? Tell us in the comments below! 

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