Everything You Need to Know About Stippling
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Everything You Need to Know About Stippling

You don't have to be an aesthician or makeup artist to talk like one! Our Beauty Dictionary series is here to help keep you in the know for all things hair, skincare, bodycare, and, of course, makeup. We already tackled strobing, multimasking, and microdermabrasion. Next up, we're sharing with you a common, yet sometimes confusing term: stippling.

The word: Stippling

What it means: A makeup technique in which you apply liquid foundation in a dotting motion

Also known as: Painting on your foundation and blending it to perfection

What it does: Creates a clean base and easily covers blemishes, scars, and discoloration without requiring a ton of tools or time. Plus, it blends makeup into skin very easily to give an airbrushed look.

What it doesn't do: Leave the dreaded "line" of foundation! Stippling, in general, is based on the idea of dotting makeup onto the face as you would a painting—think back to art class—so as to make coverage flawless and natural.

How to master it: Start with a stippling brush to create the look. Most stippling brushes are marked as such, but look for a two-toned brush (most stippling brushes have bristles with black bases with white tips) that has a slightly cone-shaped alignment and a flat top. (Don't worry, we'll show you some options below!) Apply foundation to the back of your hand or to a palette. Dip the brush tip (only the white bristles!) into the foundation and dab in a dotting motion onto the face. You can build up the coverage as much as you want!

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Have you tried stippling? What are your best tips for mastering the technique?