This New Brand is Perfect for the Fitness and Travel Junkie

On-the-go with you.

ByCaitlin M.

Is it just us or is being busy the new norm? Talk it up to the concept of "having it all" or blame our on-the-go society, but filling up your day and night with activity upon activity is simply par for the course. With that go-go mentality in tow, a number of brands are creating products to suit those busy bee needs. What's more, there's even a new brand founded entirely on the concept of tackling those "in-between moments" of a busy schedule. RECESS is a brand new line of wellness-based personal care products in the form of biodegradable face, hair, and body wipes.

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Founder Jackie Stauffer created the brand to fulfill the needs of touching up between running from an A.M. yoga class to a morning meeting to post-work dinner. With the initial launch, there are three essentials: the Face 101: Cleansing WipesBody 101: Deodorant Wipes, and Hair 101: Charcoal Hair Blotters.

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Images courtesy RECESS


First up, with the Face 101: Cleansing Wipes ($26 for 15 wipes), you get a blend of chamomile, eucalyptus, aloe, and caffeine to cleanse and calm skin. There's also hyaluronic acid and green apple extract to hydrate, moisturize, and revive skin. Next up, every traveler and fitness junkie (or just general gal about town) knows the benefit of refreshing deodorant wipes. The Body 101 Deodorant Wipes ($26 for 15) contain odor-neutralizing tea tree oil, anti-inflammatory boerhavia diffusa, and acai extract for that antioxidant fix. Plus, the wipes serve as a great way to freshen up sans shower.  


recess wipes


Lastly, there's a wipe for hair. The Hair 101: Charcoal Hair Blotters ($10 for 25) relies on a lightweight hemp base and the detoxifying nature of charcoal to soak up oil and sweat. The result is a non-toxic, portable, hair blotting sheet that absorbs quickly and is lighter on the hair than dry shampoo.

We've been able to get our hands on the new launch and can attest to the convenience of these new products. (We may or may not be currently planting a few of these wipes in every drawer at the office and every pocket of our bags.) You can shop RECESS right now at

Which of the three RECESS launches would you be most interested in trying? Share below!