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Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

There once was a time when uttering the words natural beauty, organic, or homeopathy conjured images of Birkenstocks, tree huggers, and granola (all things we love by the way!), but thanks to a growing wellness trend, consumers are embracing a healthier lifestyle from everything from the green smoothie they have for breakfast to the cleanser they use at night.

In fact, this editor has already incorporated some natural skincare products into her personal daily routine, but a few weeks ago, I wondered what would happen if I took it a step further and embraced a homeopathic lifestyle—at least for a while. To help me out on this journey, I turned to the pros at The Organic Pharmacy here in New York, where I underwent a full homeopathic health assessment to learn what my body was really up to. 

What exactly is homeopathy?: "Homeopathy is a complete system of natural medicine that has been in existence for over 200 years," explains Sheila Kumar, LCHE, MARH, RHom, who practices homeopathy in New York and London. "The whole individual is healed by identifying the root cause of disturbances and stimulating the body's innate healing mechanisms, which then boosts the immune system to bring balance to both the emotional and physical realms." 

The health assessment: After learning what homeopathy exactly was—and what I was signing up for—I began my 90-minute consultation with Sheila where she talked to me all about my current health condition, any aches, pains, or complaints I might have, my sleep patterns, and even my emotional state. She then connected me to a rather sci-fi-looking machine called an Electro Interstitial Scan (EIS). This machine connected my forehead, palms, and feet to electrodes and metal plates that were connected to a computer system used to measure the resistance of electric current through the interstitial fluid (a.k.a. the fluid between the body's cells.

Through this fancy machine, Sheila was able to provide an assessment of my organ function, toxicity levels, any vitamin and mineral deficiencies, hormone imbalance, immune function, body composition, oxygenation, and stress levels. "The EIS is an excellent tool for the homeopath to quickly determine where weaknesses lie in the body and quickly suggest suitable supplements, herbs, and homeopathic remedies to return the client back to vitality," she adds."

The diagnosis: To my relief, Sheila saw on the machine, overall I was a healthy 20-something. She was able to point out areas around my knees and nose that were inflamed. (I'm an avid runner with serious sinus problems!) She was even able to show me on the screen my stress levels, which to no surprise were quite high. Following our discussion about the EIS results, Sheila mixed me a series of natural supplements, tinctures, and remedies to take for the next few weeks to correct my body's high-stress level, ease my constant exhaustion, and to make me feel better all around.

The resultI religiously followed Sheila's remedy plan for two weeks, and I will say, it wasn't easy. I had to remember to take several supplements each morning and night, some with food, some without, some with each other, some alone. The equation was daunting. Although it was a bit out of the normal for me to add so many supplements to my already fairly healthy diet, I was determined to follow the regimen to a T. At the end of my two weeks, I'll be the first to admit I felt refreshed, energized, and even lighter. Although I wouldn't say all of my aches and pains were solved instantly, my overall mood and energy level were noticeably improved. And to me, that's all I could hope for.

Products to try: Because homeopathy is a natural practice, anyone can incorporate aspects of it into their daily life. Although it should not interfere with any medical treatments or medications, you should definitely talk to your doctor (or homeopath) to see what remedies are right for you! In case you are ready to try some natural remedies, we founded up three common ones anyone can try!

Boiron Arnicare Pain Relieving Arnica Gel, $7.99 at Target

Ideal for the athlete, arnica gel is great for calming down sore muscles and joints. It also works wonders on swelling!

The Organic Pharmacy Calcium & Magnesium Complex, $34 at theorganicpharmacy.com

Designed to tackle stress, this calcium and magnesium mixture is essential for nerve function and was a supplement I took daily during my two-week detox. My stress level was still fairly high—I do live in New York, after all—however, on a daily basis, I did feel more calm and cool.

Nature's Bounty Valerian Root, $10.49 at Walgreens

Those who have trouble sleeping might look into Valerian Root, which is known as a natural sleep aid. Combine it with hops or lemon balm to drift off into slumber the natural way. 

Would you ever try a homeopathic remedy? Let us know!

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