Should You Be Using a Fragrance Oil?

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Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

With the new year officially on the horizon, we're already spotting a lot of new trends popping up for 2018. Piggybacking off the face oil trend, fragrance oils are here to change how you get ready. Curious if fragrance oils are right for you? We've got the scoop on the hot trend.

The scoop: Similar to standard fragrances, fragrance oils are meant to be used to keep you smelling delicious. The main difference between a fragrance oil and its spray or roller ball cousin comes in the longevity of the scent. Fragrance oils are highly concentrated and deliver a high-impact scent that tends to last a lot longer than a traditional perfume or eau de toilette. Although this might seem like a new trend, many of your favorite fragrance brands already have oil versions of your fave scents, making this a seamless transition.

Why they're necessary: Fragrance buffs or those who really hate reapplying a scent will benefit from using an oil, as it really does withstand the day's activities. Fragrance oils are also, generally, able to be applied on the hair and body, as well. If you're looking to up your fragrance game, without much effort, a fragrance oil might just be for you.

How to use them: They're so easy to use! To apply, dab the oil on your typical fragrance impact points—wrist, neck, behind the ears, behind the knees, decolletage, you name it!—and that's seriously it. The little fragrance seriously goes a long way.

Shop the trend: 

Viktor & Rolf FLOWERBOMB Precious Oil ($75 at Macy's)

Viktor & Rolf FLOWERBOMB Precious Oil

Floral lovers will swoon over Viktor & Rolf's signature FLOWERBOMB scent, which is only prolonged thanks to a generous concentration of fragrance in this oil. Use just one drop and smell the results all night long. 

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Pure Perfume Oil ($35 at Sephora)

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Pure Perfume Oil Perfume Oil

Craving a darker scent? Try Elizabeth and James' sensual sandalwood and vanilla-scented oil. This formula is even alcohol free and contains skin soothing primrose oil and safflower oil to treat skin.

philosophy amazing grace satin-finish body oil mist ($28 at Sephora)

philosophy amazing grace satin-finish body oil mist

This oil comes in a more traditional spray bottle so you can still get the perfume-like feel of applying fragrance but the long-lasting effects of oil. With the classic Amazing Grace scent, this soft and light formula is good for day or night.

Have you tried a fragrance oil? Let us know your top pick!

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