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Beauty 101: Face Mapping

Beauty 101: Face Mapping

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Keep breaking out in the same spot? Those annoying pimples might not just be a string of bad luck. They might actually be an indication of something more serious. The age-old practice of face mapping addresses this occurrence and explains what hidden factors might be causing those pesky blemishes. Read on to get the low-down on this ancient practice and how it's still relevant today.

What is it: According to the founder of The Organic Pharmacy, Margo Marrone, in traditional Chinese medicine, certain areas of the face correspond to certain organs and systems. Any disharmony in the body will manifest itself in the face!

How it works: Traditional Chinese medicine believes that energy flows through the body via a series of channels called meridians, says Marrone. "When the energy flows properly, no symptoms appear, but when there is a blockage, physical symptoms manifest." 

How to do it: The process of face mapping is relatively simple. Start by identifying the region of the face your breakouts occur and match them to the corresponding internal organ or concern.

* Forehead: "If you get breakouts on the forehead, this usually indicates digestive issues," says Marrone. The middle of the forehead represents the colon and small intestine, so this could indicate toxicity or constipation, she explains. The sides of the forehead indicate issues with the bladder, while the spot between your eyes might signal liver and pancreas woes.

* Cheeks: Breakouts on the cheeks indicate issues with the lungs or the respiratory tract. 

* Chin: The chin area represents bowel health and toxicity. Breakouts here tend to indicate a toxic gut, so pay close attention to what you're eating and how your body is responding to what you're consuming!

* Jaw: "The jaw line represents hormonal problems and is associated with the ovaries and reproductive organs," says Marrone. Typically pre-period breakouts or other hormonal changes are to blame for these blemishes.

What products to use: Let's be honest, there are many products you can use to fight breakouts, but if you want to stay true to traditional Chinese medicine, sticking to a holistic, natural routine is best. Marrone's essentials are The Organic Pharmacy’s Peppermint Face Wash, a non-drying cleanser that reduces inflammation, the Purifying Seaweed Clay Mask to reduce redness, and the Manuka Face Cream, an anti-bacterial that heals and reduces redness. She also recommends a daily probiotic and homeopathic detox capsules to help address the root of the problem. 

Have you tried face mapping? What are your tricks to banishing breakouts? Let us know!

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