The Triple-Threat Cleanser You Need to Know About

K-beauty holy grail alert!

There's a triple threat product on the market that promises to make skin healthy and bright without a multi-step skincare routine. Your next holy grail product is here and we're giving you the full scoop. Behold: Beauty Water. 


beauty water

What it is: Son & Park Beauty Water

What it does: Beauty Water works as a cleanser, toner, and exfoliator in just one step. It's infused with willow bark and papaya extract to sweep away dead skin cells, making your skin look fresher and brighter before putting on makeup. Plus, it instantly restores a dewy finish!

Why it's necessary: Not only is it combining three steps into one, but it even preps the skin for makeup application. It'll create a soft, luminous base so the foundation product can glide on better. In other words, it's saving you from using too much product–score!

See what Influensters say

"This is the best toner i have ever come across. It removes any and all dirt or residue left on my face after cleansing. My serum works much better because i apply this beforehand. It brightens and evens my skin tone. I can even use a little bit for wetting my makeup brush! A little goes a long way so the product lasts a very long time. It dries quickly and leaves my face incredibly soft!"

—Alicia K.


"I absolutely LOVE this product! I have used it for a little over a year and I can see a huge difference in my skin from using this. I can see why its a fan favorite over in Korea because it truly does live up to the hype. My skin has become brighter, smoother, and has not had breakouts at all. It's a miracle product that I intend to use for as long as its around!"

—Jolie H.


"I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. Son & Park has given me that glow back!!! I wasn't sure was to expect but this for sure exceeded expectations. It's a bit pricey at $30, but it does last a while; I've barely made a dent. I bought mine at Sephora and I would highly recommend this to others! My skin just has this youthful glow again (and I'm only 22!)"

—Dunmi A.

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