5 Body Serums to Put Your Lotion to Shame

More importantly, do you need one?

ByCaitlin M.

Whether you're a skincare addict or not, it's a safe bet that you have a lotion or two at the ready. After all, dry skin doesn't discriminate! But, from time to time, a little moisturizer doesn't quite cut it. For those times, you might just find yourself in need of a body serum.

Although not quite a household product (yet!), body serums are quickly putting regular lotion to shame. Similar to serums that you apply to your face, body serums contain higher concentration of ingredients that are specifically targeted to treat various skin concerns or issues. Think of body serums as next-level treatments for all-over, as opposed to just certain areas of the face. And while, they're still hydrating, they'll kick up your skincare routine just a bit!

Click on to see five body serums that might just put your favorite lotion to shame!

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