What Influensters Want to Give & Get this Holiday!

What Influensters Want to Give & Get this Holiday!

Looks like Influenster ladies have Nike, Victoria's Secret, and Urban Decay on their wish lists this year! We surveyed over 5,000 Influenster women to find out how their holiday shopping will go this year. Where will they buy? How will they decide? And most importantly WHAT do they want this year?!

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After digging deep to find out what is on your lists for buying and receiving gifts, here's what we found:

+ When it comes to buying or receiving a great gift, reviews, word of mouth, and social media matter most!

+ 99% will be buying gifts for their families, while 89% will be buying for friends, and 81% for a significant other.

+ Almost half (48%) of Influensters plan to buy a gift for their pets!

+ 84% of you want a beauty product as a gift. (HINT, HINT!)

+ Some of the most desired brands this year are Urban Decay, MAC, Victoria's Secret, Forever 21, Nike, Under Armour, Apple, Samsung, and Playstation.


So, what's on your list this year? Does this line up with your lists? Tell us in the comments below!

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