What is Purple Shampoo and Do You Need It?

What is Purple Shampoo and Do You Need It?

No brass in sight.

They say blondes have more fun, but what happens when your blonde locks begin to look a little not-so-fun? Brassiness and lost of luster are sadly far too common side effects for blondes. Ideally, blondes would be able to hit up the salon every six weeks for a gloss. For the times when that's simply not possible enter purple shampoo to save the day. Not sure what purple shampoo is and if you should be using it? Let us break it down for you!

What it is: Think of the violet haircare product as shampoo with an added color-care benefit. Designed specifically for blonde or light hair (think silver or gray), purple shampoo has tone-correcting properties, which keep brassiness and fading at bay.

What it does: The purple tint of the shampoo does so much more than look cool. Based on the theory of complementary colors (hello, art class!), purple hues of the shampoo tone and balance yellow, making it an ideal option for maintaining blonde locks. The amount of product you use really depends on how much color correcting you have to do. Typically, blondes' ends aren't as brassy, so it's a good idea to concentrate the majority of your purple shampoo up top! But again, the amount you use should depend on the amount of yellow you're conquering!

How to use it: Start by applying the shampoo to your roots and letting it sit for two to five minutes, depending on how much brass you've got. Then let it rinse through your strands to the ends. You can always focus more shampoo on the ends if you find the color there needs a bit of a boost. (And if you only have blonde highlights, you can apply your shampoo to those specific areas!) A good rule of thumb for when you first adopt a purple shampoo plan is to try it every other wash. If you find you need the extra color boost, use it every time you shampoo. If you see your color getting a tad lighter or ashier than you had anticipated, back off. And of course, if you prefer, you can start out using your typical cleansing shampoo followed by a purple shampoo to get a real nice and deep clean!

Where to find it: 

Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo for Beautiful Color

Price: $46 at Nordstrom

It might have a bit of a higher price tag, but this splurge is definitely worth it. The deep, dark purple tint of Oribe's purple shampoo is excellent for brightening anyone with light blonde, platinum, and even silver hair. It's so effective, it's earned a spot in an Influenster editor's shower and has nearly a perfect five-star rating on Influenster. 


Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo

Price: $16.99 at Ulta

Another popular pick from Influenster users, Joico's tone-correcting shampoo is meant to last through a few shampoos. It also contains a peptide complex to repair, protect strands, fight frizz, and add shine.

Bed Head by Tigi Dumb Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo

Price: $17.99 at Ulta

This drugstore find contains powerful color savers to banish any unwanted yellow-ness. Plus, it's formulated with ingredients to smooth out strands.

Which purple shampoos have you tried? Share with us your faves!

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