Everything You Need to Know About Digital Challenges

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We're always looking for more opportunities to help you connect with brands and products you love, share your voice, and attend exclusive events. We already know you love writing reviews, following your favorite Influenster friends, posting to photo galleries, rocking VoxBoxes, and participating in discussions, but one of the best ways to have fun on Influenster is to participate in a Digital Challenge.

Have you been invited to join a Digital Challenge lately but want the lowdown on exactly what to expect? Don't worry, we got everything you need to know right here.

What is a CashBack Challenge?

That would be a challenge that gives cash-back-in-your-pocket. We invite our members to participate in exclusive offers. We’ll first send you an opt-in email to see if you are interested in the program. If you say yes, we follow up with more details on where you can purchase the product (on-line or in-store), how to upload your receipt and what activities are mandatory for you to complete, to qualify for cashback redemption. The amount varies depending on the product or complexity of the program, and it’s a wonderful way to try new products. 


Psst! Invited to join a Digital Challenge that you're just not feeling? No worries! Don't complete your tasks or post. Not completing a Digital Challenge will not have any effect on your Impact Score or any future VoxBox or Digital Challenge. 

What is a Social Challenge?

From time to time, we partner with brands for exclusive contests, and we need you to show off your awesome social media content skills. Want the latest tip on creating awesome content? 

So, why you?

Well, you're awesome! When you're invited to join a challenge, it could be for any number of reasons. Maybe you live close to an in-store event that we know you wouldn't want to miss. Or maybe you've indicated you love a certain brand (hey, we pay attention!), and there's a chance you could learn about their newest product first, visit a pop-up in your area, or even enter to win a product in a contest! And don’t forget to complete your Snaps regularly. These quick questions often appear on your profile to help us get to know your personal tastes. That way, we’ll know which offers will make your day.

Basically, we don’t want you to miss out on finding your next favorite thing! 

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