Ingredient Breakdown: Ceramides

By now, most skincare fanatics know that miracle, fix-it-all ingredients don't really exist. In fact, science shows that a beauty routine that incorporates several high-powered ingredients is the best way to combat signs of aging, skin damage, and all those other fun things we deal with on a daily basis. But, how do you know which ingredients are worth the hype? We're making it easy! In this series, we'll give you the must-know info on both trending and mainstay ingredients.

Take a moment right now and imagine a friend of yours who has incredible skin. Is her skin clear? Glowing? Youthful looking? Some of those features are luck of the gene pool draw, but the fact of the matter is, gorgeous skin is moisturized skin. We put our faces through a lot—pollution, punishing workouts, and an endless supply of heat, humidity, and wind are the perfect recipe for parched skin. If you're looking to stop dryness and aging in their tracks and get that smooth look back, meet your new best friends, Ceramides.

The ingredient: Ceramides

Also known as: A family of waxy lipid molecules that bond the top layer of skin cells together and create a protective barrier on your skin.

Quick take: Plumps and protects skin, creates a moisture barrier to fight dryness. Helps heal eczema.

Claims to fame: While your cells naturally produce Ceramides, pollution, dryness, aging, and other environmental elements strip them away—often just as fast as your skin can make them. Ceramides plump skin and lock in much-needed moisture so losing them can cause extreme dryness, irritation, wrinkles, and even more severe skin conditions such as eczema. 

Where to find it:

Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream

Dr Jart ceramidin cream

CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion AM with SPF 30

Cerave facial moisturizing lotion

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer

First aid beauty ultra face moisturizing lotion

Have you ever tried any of these products? What did you think of them?

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