Paint Your Best Blonde With Our Latest VoxBox

Because blondes have more fun!

Jessica H.
ByJessica H.

Longing for sun-kissed, golden locks to satisfy your spring fever? You’re not alone. The love for balayage hair is real and it’s everywhere (just check your Instagram feed). Celebs have been rocking hand-painted highlights for years and we’re so excited to take on this trend.

This month, we’ve partnered up with Wella to bring you the hottest in colored hair care. Our latest VoxBox, includes a Wella PAINTING Balayage packette, ColorTango Toner, and a full coloring kit to help upgrade your hair hue. Use your new balayage system to enhance your blonde locks. Then, color correct any brassiness with your new toner.


wella voxbox


Paint your blonde

Lightening your hair can be daunting, but we’re here to make it easy. Before you try the Wella Balayage Painting System, read these steps to make going light a breeze:

1) Mix formula using a 1:1 mixing ratio of one part Wella ColorCharm Painting Lightener and two parts Wella ColorCharm Painting Developer in a non-metallic bowl.

2) Section off a diamond shape on top of your head. Starting at the nape of the neck, use a balayage technique (single-point application) and apply lightener working your way up to the sectioned up parting. We recommend pre-sectioning off your hair to achieve natural, sun-kissed results.

3) Leave the formula on your hair and check on your highlights every five minutes. Note, the maximum time to leave the product on your hair is 50 minutes total. Pro Tip: For a stronger, more dramatic effect, you can lighten the entire section of your hair underneath the balayage portion of your hair

 4) Once you reach your desired level of color, rinse, shampoo, and condition


wella voxbox


Tone it up

Now that you’ve lightened your locks, it’s time to get toned! Use this toner to color correct any unwanted brassiness. You can use Wella ColorTangoToner to cool down brassy hair for an ashy, platinum blonde—or warm up your hair with a golden, honey hue. Read these simple steps before getting started:

1) Section off your hair as needed.

2) Mix formula using a 1:1 mixing ratio of one part Wella ColorTango Toner and one part Wella ColorTango Developer

3) Apply to pre-lightened hair using a bowl and brush or a bottle. This formula can be applied to damp or dry hair.

4) Rinse, shampoo, and condition.


We can’t wait to see your results! Didn’t get this VoxBox? Learn how you could get one here.

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Jessica H.