Weird Product Alert: Heated Eyelash Curler

We do some pretty unconventional things in order to look our best. Hey, we’re game for anything that’ll get us out of the door faster! And faster results sometimes call for some wacky products—like the Chella Heated Eyelash Curler. It’s a fast-track to warming your way up to voluminous lashes

heated eyelash curler

The scoop: This battery-operated eyelash curler heats up within 20 seconds, but, it isn’t warm enough to harm the skin. It’s also designed to be used after mascara application–crazy, we know. The idea is that the warm curler gently props the lashes up for extra length. Comb it through the lashes two or three times, then, turn the tool off and let lahes cool for 30 seconds. And, voila! Longer, perfectly separated lashes.



Why we love it: The end results are natural-looking lash curls without the crimped finish. On top of that, its slender design makes it incredibly easy to throw into your purse.

How to do it:

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Claire R.
Claire R.
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