What's In Our Weekend Bag?

Get packing!

Jessica H.
ByJessica H.

Let’s face it, packing for weekend getaways can be stressful. Between working all week and making time for a social life, it’s hard to find some downtime to pack. That’s why we’re about to make your life so much easier with a list of our must-have travel essentials to include in your weekend bag. Your next adventure is waiting for you!


What's in Our Weekend Bag:

1. A phone charger—An obvious must-have. When you’re running from the office to catch the next train, it’s easy to forget to charge your phone. Keeping a spare charger in your purse can be a lifesaver when traveling—especially when unexpected delays occur. 

Pro Tip: Go the extra mile and pack a portable travel charger to save you from searching for the nearest outlet.


2. Sunglasses—Every gal on the go needs a pair of shades that make her feel fearless. Sunglasses are the perfect accessory for any weekend adventure.


3. AZO Bladder Control®—Having to “go” when you’re on the go can be super inconvenient. AZO Bladder Control® with Go-Less® can help reduce occasional bladder leakage and urgency, so you can travel comfortably.* This drug-free, naturally-sourced and safe supplement is specifically formulated to help support your bladder both day and night, so you can take charge of your day and worry less.*


4. Sunscreen—This one’s a given. Sunscreen protects our skin from harmful UV rays and prevents wrinkles and unwanted pigmentation. If you’re obsessed with skincare like we are, you probably already have your go-to daily sunscreen. But if you don’t, COOLA® has got you covered with their Classic Face Sport SPF 50. Designed for long active days in the sun, their lightweight White Tea formula will keep your skin hydrated and protected all summer long. We love that the sunscreen is already travel size and won’t take up too much space in your bag.


5. A hydrating mist—You don’t have to be a beauty blogger to carry a hydrating mist. A facial mist will hydrate and revitalize your skin after a long day of travel. Spritz your face with a cooling coconut mist or rose water and hit the reset button on your skin. You’ll be dewy and glowing by sunset. 

Pro Tip: Pick up a product like Ole Henriksen facial water. It comes in travel size and there are three different types that will hydrate, mattify and energize your skin.


6. A light snack—Sometimes travel plans go awry and you find yourself stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. If you haven’t eaten since lunch, you’re going to feel those hunger pains. That’s why we always keep a light snack in our travel purses! A box of GOOD THiNS® will hold you over until you make it to your weekend destination.


7. Lipstick or balm—Everyone needs a good lipstick or lip balm in their getaway bag. We’re big on balms with SPF, like Maybelline®’s Baby Lips® with SPF 20. If you’re looking for a more versatile lip, try it in a cherry or pink shade. The hint of color will perk up your lips AND it doubles as a creamy blush so you can amp up your airport travel look.


8. A good book (or  Kindle®!)—Last but not least, a good read will always come in handy while you await your next destination! What’s on our reading list? The Idea of You by Robinne Lee. Check it out if you like to pass the time with a juicy love story.


Time to update your weekend travel bag! What will you be adding to yours? Did we miss one of your go-tos? Share with us below!


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