Tech Gadgets to Help You Chill the Heck Out

Caitlin M.
ByCaitlin M.

If streaming your favorite yogi isn't enough to fulfill your weekly zen requirement, at-home meditation just might be the solution for you. Long gone are the days of journaling, sipping green tea, and contemplating your day, or taking a restorative run. Today's meditation is technology-driven. In fact, we rounded up six wearable tech products specifically created for those looking to find their inner chill. 

Gaiam Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband ($249)

gaiam muse headband

This funky contraption might look as though it's straight from a science-fiction flick, but it's actually straight from yogi experts. Designed to measure brain waves, the Muse gives you real-time feedback on your mental state. You connect the gadget to an app, which provides you with feedback, challenges, and rewards to help you build a regular meditation practice. Ohm, indeed.

Caeden Sona Bracelet ($179)

caeden sona bracelet

Although this white and rose gold bracelet might look like a sleek leather bangle, it's actually a mind and body wearable. Sona can track everything from physical activity to mental wellness. The built-in resonance feature helps you pace your breathing so you stay calm and focused. Where do we sign up?

Bellabeat Leaf Urban ($139)

leaf urban

Seamlessly track all parts of your life with this sleek tool. The Leaf Urban records data for everything from running, dancing, sleep, and meditation. Connect the Leaf to an app—we see a pattern here!—and let it guide you through meditation sessions. Plus, it's the first wearable that can actually predict stress. 

Fitbit Charge 2 ($149.95)

fitbit charge 2

You might know the Fitbit Charge as a must-have for athletes, but the latest edition of the tracker has a special guided-breathing function that, well, does just that! Choose a two or five-minute option and let the tracker's PurePulse function capture your real-time heart rate to determine a comfortable breathing rate for you.

The Pip ($179)

pip stress gear

The primary focus of the Pip is stress—how to manage it and ideally, live a life with a little less of it! Connect your Pip to one of the compatible apps (there are a few in the app store!), fill out the stress profile, and view your results. The Pip itself utilizes a touch pad to detect Electrodermal Activity (EDA) a.k.a. the changes in the skin’s ability to conduct an electrical currents, which then allows it to analyze your body's relaxed or stressed state. Science: 1. Stress: 0.

The Spire ($99.95)

the spire wearable

If productivity is more your goal, the Spire might just be for you. The gadget uses sensors to detect the expansion and contraction of your torso and diaphragm as you inhale and exhale, thus giving it an insight into your daily stressors and triggers. It even sends you alerts via an app to help you be more mindful and cognizant of your current emotional state in hopes of improving your mental well-being and productivity levels.

Would you ever try a wearable meditation device? Already own one of these meditation-inspired gadgets? Share with us your thoughts in the comment section!

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