We Tried Charlotte Tilbury’s Latest Products on a 3-Mile Hike!

These launches boast major staying power, and we put them to the test!

Julia H.
ByJulia H.

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ICYMI—I got the chance to try out two new Charlotte Tilbury products the other day: the new AirBrush Flawless Setting Spray and Pillow Talk Push Up Mascara. This wasn’t just any makeup trial, these products were given a run for their money. I decided to test out their staying power by going for a three mile hike.

First Thoughts

My very first impression of the Pillow Talk mascara? I really love the brush! It has a side that is flatter, then fatter, which allows you to really get to the root of your lashes and evenly coat. Full disclosure—I lost my eyelash curler a week ago, and this was the first time I’ve put on mascara without curling my lashes beforehand in a long time. Having a lash curler has always been a staple in my routine, so I was skeptical to see how this mascara would curl. 

Let me tell you—impressed is an understatement! My lashes curled just like they would have with a lash curler, and not only did they curl, but each lash looked individually and none clumped together. I loved that the formula glided on so evenly without any other tools to help. And I especially enjoyed reading that it's haircare-inspired; infused with keratin so I know that as I wear, my lashes are being cared for and strengthened!

Normally, I would avoid wearing anything on my face when I know I’m going to be sweating. But for science (this wear test), I threw on some tinted moisturizer, a hefty amount of cream blush, and brows so we could see how the Airbrush Setting Spray held it all together. I always prefer makeup products with good-for-you ingredients, especially if I’m wearing them at times my skin needs a little extra love—like when hiking with makeup on. 

This setting spray has aloe in it which is great for my dry skin. In the past I’ve tried some setting sprays that actually dissolved makeup if I put on too much (who likes watching your contour bead up from a product that was supposed to hold it?), so I made sure not to skimp on this spray. I always apply my setting spray in the motion of an X and A+, evenly and completely coating my face. As I sprayed it, my face felt refreshed and non-sticky, and none of my makeup moved from application.

So it applied great, but how did it hold?

Usually I refrain from wearing formulas that aren’t “waterproof” if I know I’m going to be sweating. Nobody likes those black circles that build up under your eyes. My hike was a little over 3 miles in 85 degree weather, not to mention humidity so thick it actually drizzled for a bit! As you could imagine, this made me nervous about not wearing waterproof mascara.

Only a half hour in, I could feel sweat accumulating on my face, particularly my upper lip, and temples by the side of my eyes. Not going to lie, this made me nervous, as I was definitely going to keep getting soaked throughout my hike. About an hour in, I was right. The hair on the back of my neck was sticking to my skin, and my face was just as sweaty. I tried my best not to check in on how I looked except for when filming so my reaction would be genuine for all of you Influensters.

To my surprise, there were NO black circles under my eyes, or flaking on my face. On top of that, my lashes held a curl, and still looked as fresh as when I started my hike. I made sure to apply a hefty amount of blush for this, so I could really see how well the setting spray would hold pigment on top of my tinted moisturizer.

Yes, there were beads of sweat on my face. No, none of my makeup moved. While I might not have felt as fresh as the start of my exercise, I certainly thought I looked it. 

Check out my video recap here. How did my makeup hold? Let us know below in the comments!

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