We Found The Cutest Shoes That Feel Like Walking On a Cloud

We found them! The comfiest (and cutest!) shoes in town. Yep, the Foot Petals you know and love recently rolled out a new collection of shoes to get you from point A to point B in comfort – and style. Meet Cushionolgy! From classic ballerina flats to dressy jogger shoes, there's no sacrificing cuteness for comfort here! There is gel built right into the insole for built-in comfort, so you can bet you'll feel like you're walking on petals. So, bring on the hour-long commutes, parties and dance floor invitations! With the right pair of shoes, it's all a walk in the park.

Perfect for fall, these maroon ballerina flats are quite literally on pointe!  Whether you're sporting sleek skinny jeans or a flow-y dress – incorporating "Cami" into your fall look is just the touch your ensemble needs. After wearing heels all day sliding into these lightweight flats felt like I was walking on a cloud! Crafted with premium Goat Leather, you can bet that the "Cami" looks just as good as it feels. The Technogel® Cushion Towers™ deliver the best comfort and relief!

And, of course, after the work day comes the long walk back home. My typical go-to rescue? Tennis shoes! There's nothing I love more than the look of a dressy jogger. Cue the "Brooke," a laceless slip-on that's ideal for a long commute back home. With its sporty-chic aesthetic and touch of metallic accent, these shoes are a unique approach to the athleisure look. And on top of that, the built-in comfort is just unreal. Just like the "Cami", the same Technogel® Cushion Towers™work to provide a custom fit based on the unique shape and pressures of your foot. It's like these shoes were custom made for me!

 “individualized” walking experience due to the Cushion Towers delivering a personalized experience based on the unique shape and pressures of your foot

And you know what else? Lucky Influensters will be receiving them for free! Not only the two pairs above, but also the "Blair," a feminine jogger shoe, and "Andi", a sophisticated sneaker. 

What do you think about these shoes? Tell us in the comments below! Check out their full new line here!

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