5 Steps to Help Prevent Holiday Burnout

Caitlin U.
ByCaitlin U.

No matter how much joy and cheer the holidays are supposed to conjure, stress and burnout can easily become unwelcome byproducts. Don't let the holidays get the best of you, there's still time to take a step back and ease up, so that you can truly enjoy the magic of the season — and the days that you've spent so much time preparing for — here take a look at five simple ways to avoid holiday burnout: 


1. Take the edge off. Is your living room floor covered under a layer of oddly shaped wrapping paper fragments? Does the sound of bells jingling cause your eye to twitch? Step away from the pile of unwrapped gifts and turn off the holiday music. Instead unwind with a glass of Vegan wine, indulge in some CBD infused beauty treatments or apply a hydrating, chill-inducing face mask


2. Turn off the oven. Order in Uber Eats for dinner and buy a box of cookies, don’t bake them. Give your oven and yourself a break from cooking and baking.


3. Rein in your spending. It's never too late to set a budget, especially toward the end of the season when little gifts here and there start to add up. Here are some useful apps that can help you save money, so that you can stress a little less. 



4. Focus on your physical and mental health. Has your exercise routine fallen off? Did you just answer that question by saying, "What exercise routine?". Don't wait for the new year to get back in the groove, try out some meditation or running apps now to decompress and jumpstart your wellness goals. 


5. Buy something for yourself. You've been filling your cart up with gifts for all of the loved ones on your list and we know we just mentioned taking control of your spending, but a little something for yourself can go a long way. Take a look at some self-care gifts to show yourself some much needed love and attention. 


The holidays are a special time, but you're not alone if you also find them overwhelming. So take five, focus on your needs for a moment so that you can regroup and actually enjoy the moment when the time comes. 


How are you staying sane this holiday season? Let us know in the comments! Have any life-saving products that are helping you manage the stress? Be sure to leave a review!