Unexpected Ways To Find Your Zen

Unexpected Ways To Find Your Zen

For yogis, finding your intention is a constant goal. To help you locate your own, first ask yourself, "What do I want to bring into my life?" Whether it's stress relief, self-love, or happiness—your first step is to set your goal and you guessed it, intention. To help you sort through your thoughts and goals, we created this guide to help you locate the gemstone (and corresponding products!) you need to jumpstart your intention search!

For those in search of stress relief: 

Go all out spiritual with amethyst:

Amethyst will help expose your inner strength, allowing you to grow spiritually and find mental clarity and protection. It's great to keep in your home for a lighthearted, positive energy vibe. 

If amethyst is a little hard to locate, you can get instant relief with Massage and Stretching Foam or Aroma Therapy & Natural Air Purifying Lamp instead.



For those in search of luck: 

Go all out spiritual with aventurine:

This stone will attract luck, abundance, and success. By harmonizing and protecting your heart chakra, aventurine turns your dreams into reality. (And for those who don't know, chakra is the center of spiritual power in the human body.)

Good fortune may also come to those who don this Dogeared Good Luck Necklace:

Good Luck


For those in search of happiness: 

Go all out spiritual with citrine:

Fueled by the sun, citrine will fill you with light and happiness. By activating mental activity, it will enhance your imagination, helping to create a positive outlook on your very sacred life in general. 

And of course, beauty lovers can get their happiness glow on with the help of self tanner or a journal of 365 Days Of Inspiration, Gratitude, and Joy

Self Tanner


For those in search of wisdom: 

Go all out spiritual with lapis lazuli:

Connected to a higher truth, lapis lazuli leads you to spiritual gardens and shields you from negative energy. Any negative vibrations will be pushed back towards their source. 

Too much work for you? Get "instant" wisdom (or at least get an instant laugh!) with a Magic 8 Ball

Magic 8


For those in search of healing: 

Go all out spiritual with mother of pearl

Associated with elements of water and the ocean, this powerful healing pearl will alleviate any fear while promoting an open mind. Through this, you'll be able to see the beauty in everything. What can't be fixed by the salt water, salt air, or salty tears cannot be fixed! 

If the beach is a bit too out of reach for you, we have a feeling you'll feel instantly healed with a spritz of Benefit Cosmetics Ultra-Radiance Facial Rehydrating Mist:

Facial Mist


For those in search of a cleanse: 

Go all out spiritual with obsidian:

Obsidian, made from volcanic rock, is said to be grounding. Like volcanic rock at the Earth's core, it will bring your spirits deep into the core of your issue and remove any negative energy there. You'll feel a release of emotions such as anger, fear, jealousy, and greed. 

If all else fails, a juice cleanse like this one from Urban Remedy may be the answer.



For those in search of self-love: 

Go all out spiritual with rhodochrosite:

Self-love, self-worth, whatever you'd like to call it—rhodochrosite is in tune with your heart chakra and promotes emotional healing, giving you the courage to face things you once feared. 

Honestly, we can't imagine a better way to treat yo'self than with a spa day in the tub, featuring a Lush Bath Bomb:

Bath Bomb


For those in search of a master healer: 

Go all out spiritual with turquoise:

If you can't decide what it is you're looking for, turquoise is a great first stone to have. This master healer is said to be the bridge between Heaven, Sky, and Earth. It connects your mind to the endless possibilities of the universe, encouraging honest, open communication from the heart. All of your chakras will be aligned, strengthening your whole self. 

Lastly, a much simpler and equally fun way to find a master healer is through your favorite playlist on Spotify. Sometimes nothing can help you reach inner peace more so than some R&R with mellow background music

Master Healer

How do you find your inner intention? Let us know in the comments!