3 Ways to Caffeinate Without Coffee

No matter the reason you have to stop drinking coffee—the expensive price tag on your vanilla latte or the pure boredom of the taste of coffee (although I imagine you have to consume A LOT of coffee before this happens)—you might consider changing up how you caffeinate. There are a lot of caffeinated drinks that aren't coffee that will give you the same boost of energy. If you’re ready for a change, why not test out some of these goodies instead of your morning cup of joe?

1. Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy ($21.99)

Not only does this stuff have 50 mg of caffeine, but it also comes in so many delicious fruity flavors you might have to stock up on a few. It mixes easily with water and will keep you going morning until night! Mix it up for your morning buzz or afternoon pick-me-up.

Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy

2. Steaz Organic Energy Drink ($29.98)

You might typically hesitate to pickup an energy drink if you don’t want to over-caffeinate or consume an immense amount of sugar, but Steaz’s product is different. Steaz has 100 mg caffeine, which is less than the 160 mg in the two cups of coffee. Better yet, it’s naturally sweetened with stevia and has zero calories! You probably think it couldn’t possibly taste good, but just one sip and you’ll prove yourself wrong. 

Steaz Energy Organic Drink

3. Green Tea

For a more affordable and always natural option, try out some different green teas! Green tea is the most caffeinated of all types of tea, and the possibilities of flavors are endless. Influensters have a few favorites:

Celestial Seasonings Raspberry Gardens Green Tea Bags ($3.09)

For a berry sweetness in a soothing cup of tea, brew up a cup of this stuff.  It tastes just sweet enough to let you leave the sweetener behind—although for an iced treat on a hot day, a little more wouldn’t hurt. This refreshing flavor will give you the caffeine boost you need to make it through the rest of a hard day. See what other Influensters are saying:

Celestial Seasonings Raspberry Gardens Green Tea Bags

Yogi Green Tea Pure Green ($5.19)

For an original green tea flavor, brew some of Yogi’s Pure Green Tea. Not only does Yogi’s brew have a delicious taste, but each tea bag also comes with a motivational saying to boost your mood. See why other Influensters love this tea:

Yogi Tea Green Tea Pure Green

How do you caffeinate? Let us know in the comments below!