Let's Discuss: Wasabi Doritos

We don't know how to feel.

ByCaitlin M.

We're pretty open when it comes unique flavors, we like to think that we're pretty open. Pumpkin spice butter, ramen Pringles, Jelly Donut Oreos—yeah, we're on board. But this new launch from Doritos? Well, we're just not sure how to feel. ICYMI, limited-edition Wasabi flavored Doritos have hit the market.

wasabi doritos

Yep, wasabi like you get with your sushi is now an official Doritos flavor complete with green chips and all. Of course, this find was first spotted by Instagram foodie, @candyhunting, and the news has spread like wild fire. The flavor is indeed limited edition, so if you're eager to get your wasabi on, you better act fast. Right now the chips are currently sold out on Sam's Club, but you can shop the flavorful chip at Walmart stores. 

Now as for how they taste? Well, we're skeptical. Considering we can hardly stand the hot and spiciness of wasabi on its own, we're not sure we can handle chips with the flavor. But hey, considering Japan has had this flavor of Doritos for years, perhaps we're mistaken and these are amazing. Only time—and our taste buds—will tell. 

Would you try this flavor of Doritos? Share your thoughts below!