Your Favorite Travel Brand Gets into Skincare in a Big Way

There's a new kid in town.

ByCaitlin M.

As much as we love bouncing around from time zone to time zone, we don't always love the side effects of that jet set life. Dehydration, puffiness from airplane sleep (or lack thereof), and congestion are far too common results from travel. (Raise your hand if your skin looks like it needs a vacation after your vacation.) If you're in our boat (or plane, train, or automobile), you'll be pleased to know your favorite travel beauty brand has you covered.

Wander Beauty (a.k.a. the brand behind the most travel-friendly foundation stick we've ever used) is arming you against some of the biggest culprits that target tired, travel-ravaged skin. The new Lift Off and Extended Stay are two new masks aimed at purifying and hydrating skin, respectively. Designed to be used solo or paired together (along with the brand's highly rated Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks), these masks get to work to revive your skin and give you that vacay glow post deplaning.

Wander Beauty masks
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First off, the Lift Off Purifying & Brightening Peel Off Mask ($34 at targets all that congestion and clogging that can happen. This satisfying peel-off mask has a cool cranberry hue that will make for great #content, but more importantly, it's rich in detoxifying and antioxidant-rich acai berry extract, goji berry extract, and blueberry extract to give a brighter, more lively look. You can even use it as a spot treatment to tackle unwanted stray blemishes.

wander beauty lift off


Next up, you get a big dose of hydration with the Extended Stay Hydrating Mask ($38 at If you count dehydrated, lackluster skin as your biggest travel pain (barring lost luggage!), this gel hydrating mask might be the drink of water your needs. Count conditioning watermelon fruit extract, vitamin C-rich lychee fruit extract, and calming green tea seed oil as key players in this guy. Best part about this masking option? Rinse off with warm water or leave on for a prolonged moisturizing experience—hence the "extended" name!

wander beauty extended stay

Both masks are available now to join your fall travel plans. And did we mention they're under three ounces so they're TSA-approved? 

Which masks would you turn to for your next adventure? Share if you're team Lift Off or team Extended Stay below!

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