A vintage copy of Super Mario Bros. sold at auction for $114,000

This classic NES video game introduced the Mario character to the world

Corrie D.
ByCorrie D.

We know our members love video games, but would you spend $114,000 to own one? That's exactly what one buyer dropped when a vintage, Super Mario Bros. cartridge from 1985 went up for auction recently. Video game aficionados will appreciate the peak condition this Nintendo treasure is in. The game cartridge is Wata 9.4 A+ Sealed, with the cardboard hangtab intact. 

Image of Super Mario Bros. cartridge from Heritage Auctions, HA.com (front)

The auction site says,

"Cardboard hangtabs were originally used on the US test market copies of black box games, back before plastic was used to seal each game. As Nintendo began to further establish their company in the US, their packaging was updated almost continuously. Strangely, the addition of the plastic wrap came before the box cutting die was altered to remove the cardboard hangtab. This rendered the functionality of the cardboard hangtab completely useless, since it was under the plastic seal. There are four sub-variants of the plastic sealed cardboard hangtab box (this particular copy of Super Mario Bros. being the "3 Code" variant) that were produced within the span of one year. Each sub-variant of the cardboard hangtab black box, produced within that timeframe, had a production period of just a few months; a drop in the bucket compared to the title's overall production run."

In addition to helping launch the NES consoleSuper Mario Bros. also introduced us to a plucky plumber named Mario and started a journey that would span new platforms and a myriad of titles. It went on to become the highest selling game on the console of all time. 

Image of Super Mario Bros. cartridge from Heritage Auctions, HA.com (back)


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