Expert Video Interview Tips for Finding a Job in a Pandemic—and Beyond

From a recruiter's mouth, to your ears

Kortney K.
ByKortney K.

Getting a new job in a pandemic means confronting the unnerving prospect of the virtual interview. AKA: a one-on-one on Skype or some other video conference service. To ease some concerns or worries—and to ensure your success—we've enlisted the help of Legare Settle, Senior Managing Consultant from Beacon Hill Associates, a company that offers recruiting services in over 60 cities.

Let's talk attire:

Still treat this as an in-person interview. You will never get points docked for overdressing. Many companies will address attire in the confirmation email but if they don’t, I have always said treat virtual interviews like you would in-person interviews.

Any advice for backgrounds? Camera feedback?

Most importantly, the background should be clean. Try to find a blank wall in your apartment or home and set yourself up in front of it. Having a painting or a small picture on the wall is fine as well, but keep it simple. If you have a digital frame, like the Polaroid Digital Frame, make sure it's off. 

In terms of camera angle, always make sure the camera is torso up. You don’t want the view to just be of your face. Also, make sure there is an appropriate distance between you and the camera.

Video interview quick tips:

Start with making sure your WiFi is working. Downloaded the app and test it with someone ahead of time. And have everything you need 10-15 minute before the interview. Don’t have water or a drink next to your computer, so drink up beforehand. (Personal suggestion: True Lemon is great way give your pre-interview refresher a citrus-y boost.) And last but not least, remember to speak slowly, as that's something that is easy to forget when interviewing in general. 

What about that awkward video silence?

Most importantly given technology and possible delays or lag times, allow the interviewer to finish speaking before inserting yourself or answering their question. You want to allow the interviewer to get through their thoughts and then respond. Remember it is still important to maintain good eye contact, smile, and nod your head instead of saying “yes” or “of course” while the interviewer is speaking.

The "thank you":

First of all, send one. Use words such as “It was great speaking with you today”; “Thank you for taking the time to meet with me today." Even though it is virtual, you are still meeting! 

Have you had a virtual interview during the pandemic? Share your video interview tips and tricks in the comments!

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