SheEO of VI Derm Talks About Her Personal Skin Journey

Marya Khalil's shares her skin story and favorite products

Kaila R.
ByKaila R.

Coded PR’s Founders + Friends series continues and this time we got to chat with Marya Khalil. She is the eldest daughter of the founder of the VI Peel, Dr. Abdala Khalilhas. She has been a part of the company from its inception, making her the perfect CEO for the brand.

Marya was actually the inspiration behind the VI Peel. When Marya was 14 she developed cystic acne making her shy and depressed. Her father, Dr. K, was able to help her get her hands on all different skin treatments but none seemed to work. So, in order to help her cystic acne her father created the VI Peel.

How has the beauty industry evolved?

Marya highlights that now there is a large amount of at-home beauty treatments. She also highlights the great number of women and indie brands that we are now seeing in the industry. While it is amazing that consumers have so many choices, she speaks on it being a bit overwhelming for consumers, putting VI in a very unique space of professional and at-home skincare.

What is Marya’s fav VI Derm product?

While it’s difficult Marya picks that Retinol Age-defying moisturizer. Marya describes it as moisturizer that is also a treatment to create real skin change. This moisturizer uses Glycolic acid to drive Retinol into the skin, which is unique. Our Influensters with oily skin will be happy to know that this moisturizer is great for them because Mayra also has oily skin!

Marya’s other favorite product is a VI Derm fan-favorite, the VI Derm cleanser. This gentle gel cleanser has the highest concentration of aloe vera making it extremely soothing.

We know you all love pro-tips so here’s one from Marya: When using the cleanser she applies it to dry skin to really work it in and then adds water to help it foam up and remove makeup, dirt and impurities without stripping her skin.

What’s VI Derm’s secret to success?

Marya puts it simple and plain: it’s that their products work. People who use these products see real results and real changes in their skin.

She not only communicates with her IG community through DMs, but she finds it important to engage further than DMs, so she loves to meet up with the VI Derm family.

Marya also explains that during quarantine she’s been keeping her skincare routine pretty simple, but she has been doing bi-weekly at-home peels.

Lastly, Marya let us know that VI Derm has a ton of stuff in store so be sure to be on the look out!

Have your tried VI Derm? What's your favorite product?

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