This Dry Shampoo Has a 5K Waitlist—And We Tried It

Will wait for dry shampoo.

ByCaitlin M.

Is it just us, or are beauty products with so much hype around them that they warrant wait lists of thousands slowly becoming the norm? We've seen our fair share of beauty products that have received crazy buzz before they even hit shelves. From shimmering body scrub to a cream that boasts filter-like effects to most recently a scrub that boasts some serious exfoliating power, we've seen it all. And most recently, we got the chance to test drive Verb Haircare's new dry shampoo that amassed a wait list of more than 5,000 eager hair lovers. 

verb dry shampoo

The new spray dry shampoo is actually a first for the brand, which has earned a loyal following for its powder dry shampoo. It comes in two forms: Dry Shampoo Light and Dry Shampoo Dark. In the first 12 hours of announcing the new dry shampoo, Verb had over 1,000 people on the wait list. So what made the dry shampoo worthy of a wait? Well, it really comes down to the formula.

verb dry shampoo

Yes, there's the fact it soaks up oil and gives life back to second-day hair. (I used it after a four-mile run in the rain when my hair was a cute mix of both frizzy and greasy, and I promise you, after a few spritzes, you'd never known I just worked out.) And yes, it revives texture and actually adds a bit of volume to the roots. But what really sets this dry shampoo apart of us is the range of hair colors it works for AKA every hair color. The Light actually has a slight purple tint to counteract brassiness, much like your favorite purple shampoo. The Dark, on the other hand, has a medium brown tint that totally blends in on darker hair. No more ashy, powdery residue here. 

 Thankfully, the wait for cleaner looking and more importantly, feeling, hair is over. You can officially shop the new Verb Dry Shampoo both Light and Dark today. The paraben-, gluten-, and cruelty-free formula is out now for only $16 at

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