Vaseline Partnered With Direct Relief To Bring Derm Care To Those in Need

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Kortney K.
ByKortney K.

We recently wrote an article on the ways we give back to our surrounding communities as a company and it made us think, let’s highlight some other companies that are doing good things! Today, we spotlight Vaseline and the work they do with the Vaseline Healing Project with a Q and A:

Briefly, explain exactly what the Healing Project is and how Vaseline is involved?

The Vaseline Healing Project is our mission to promote better skin health around the world. In partnership with Direct Relief, we provide dermatological care, Vaseline products and medical supplies, and dermatology training in areas around the world that often don’t have adequate access to these types of care.


Why is this so important?

Our skin is the barrier between our bodies and the outside world, and the health of our skin is essential to our overall wellbeing. In tough circumstances, skin problems are common and can cause great discomfort, sometimes worsening to life-changing conditions if not addressed. Oftentimes access to the right products, medical diagnosis and treatment, and training of healthcare workers can help improve skin health outcomes of individuals and communities.

What are their plans for 2021? Any new initiatives?

In 2021, we are aiming to reach even more people and achieve exponential impact by providing access to skin healthcare to those in need. We are educating people on skin healthcare and leveraging technology to make dermatology training accessible to even more healthcare workers.

What can our readers do to contribute to the cause?

They can donate to Direct Relief here.

What's your favorite Vaseline product for the cold, winter months?

Our tried and true Vaseline Healing Jelly that is clinically proven to help heal dry, damaged skin.



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