Valentine's Day & Love Languages

We polled our members on their preferred ways to love and be loved.

Conversation Hearts might be the calling card of Valentine’s Day candy, but this year we explored how people actually want to be told ‘be mine.’ Poems are tight, but even the most saccharine rhyme scheme would be lost on someone who prefers a home-cooked meal or something to unwrap. To ensure no display of affection is made in vain, we polled our members to find out which of the five love languages (quality time, physical touch, acts of service, gifts, and words of affirmation) they are most fluent in.


Love through the ages — this is the generational breakdown of who participated in our survey. 

Did you know Valentine’s Day honors the legacy of two slain Roman men? Pretty romantic stuff. Whether single, taken, or straight up taken for granted, we asked our members if they’ll be observing the 14th of February this year.

82% of our members plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day in 2022. This is down from the 91% of members who planned to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2021.

63% of members were aware of the five love languages, the most popular among our respondents being Quality Time. For all our millennial participants, does that just mean making avocado toast together? 

Normalize buying boxes of chocolate for yourself in 2022. We asked our members who they typically purchase Valentine’s Day gifts for, fur babies included.

Source: Influenster Love Language Survey Jan 2022, n=W13+ 14.9K+, Global

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