5 Gifts Under $25 to Get Your Guy for Valentine's Day

Influenster-approved gifts for your guy.

Shopping for a significant other on Valentine's Day is extremely difficult. But if there's one thing your guy should always keep stock of, it's man-beauty. From hair pomade to body wash, use our mini gift guide to giving him something he truly needs. Click through to find the perfect one he's bound to love on February 14. Who knows, he might even think you thought of it yourself—don't worry, we won't tell! 

P.S. brands like Baxter of California, AXE, and Dove have all been in previous VoxBoxes! If you want to test products for free, connect all of your social accounts and start reviewing on Influenster to increase your chances of getting a VoxBox! And in the meantime, comment below the gift you'll be giving your guy this Valentine's Day!  

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Claire R.
Claire R.
I'm a Texas girl living in NYC and obsessed with all things beauty–hot rollers (so southern, I know!), lipstick, and magnetic eyeshadows are just a few of my favorite things. Follow me @clairehrodgers on Instagram!
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