Valentine's Day Stay-at-Home Date Kit

Valentine's Day Stay-at-Home Date Kit

It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day is one of the most hectic weekends to plan for. Want reservations to your favorite restaurant? You’ll have to call a month in advance. Trying to find a seat in a packed movie theater or pretty much any romantic getaway is going to be a tight squeeze, especially if you’re more of a last-minute planner. Why not avoid all that hassle and create an evening that’s personal and unique by putting together a cozy stay-at-home date? Your loved one will adore you for planning a thoughtful evening dedicated to relaxing with one another. Here are some of my favorite suggestions on how to put together a perfect night in, filled with romance and relaxation.


Scented candles are key to creating a warm and cozy ambiance. Look for delicious and romantic flavors like cinnamon, vanilla, lavender, and jasmine. These irresistible scents are sure to start the evening off right—it’ll be love at first sniff!


While many think movie theaters are ideal date outings, I personally think watching movies at home is much more romantic. The setting is more intimate when it’s just the two of you! Selecting the right romantic movie is important too—that’s why I’ve chosen Mr. & Mrs. Smith as a perfect date night choice. It’s got plenty of chemistry for the ladies, while a good amount of action for the guys! 



Bust out your fanciest wine glasses and woo your sweetheart with your vino expertise. Red seems to be the more classically “romantic” choice but always go for the homerun: the wine that will match your date's taste. (Extra credit: impress your date even more with a free bottle of wine from Club W -- check your dashboard for the VoxPerk!)


Bringing your significant other breakfast in bed is a classic way to show your love for them. They’re sure to be impressed with your thoughtfulness, even if your culinary skills aren’t quite up to par!



I know what you’re thinking… the Fifty Shades of Grey album? Actually, turns out, it’s the perfect compilation of classical music that’s sure to add a touch of elegance to your evening.



Is there anything more classicly Valentine’s Day than chocolates? Try chocolate covered strawberries! Whether you’re sweetly feeding one another or gobbling them down independently, these decadent treats are one of my favorites and are a great add to your stay-at-home date!



For later on in the evening (we'll leave it at that) this bath bomb from Lush will help spice things up, turning your bath into a colorful spa oasis packed with glitter, scents, and relaxation. Plus, it will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Win!



More chocolate dipping galore—fondue has always been a favorite date of mine (for many obvious, delicious reasons)—the perfect recipe for a romantic Valentine’s Day dessert. Impress your date without the cost or crowd! Dunk your way into a fun and romantic evening.


Woo your sweetheart with this old-fashioned spa treatment idea: a simple back rub. Shea Moisture Bath and Body Massage Oil is an organic, natural way to help your skin (and mind) relax.



The perfect blanket ensures constant snuggling no matter the time, weather, or place. For a cozy cuddle, curl up with your date to enjoy the evening’s festivities or simply each other’s company. Or you could do what I usually end up doing and build an awesome blanket and pillow fort with one another—romance knows no age!

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