The Perfect Show & Treat Pairings for Valentine's Day

A match made in dessert heaven

It's Valentine's Day and you've found yourself on the couch once again. We get it. There's a certain allure to staying in and vegging out than fighting crowds at prix-fixe dinners. But instead of opting for the same old bag of chips, we think whatever you're watching deserves a treat to pair with it. Below, find the most compatible TV show and dessert pairings. 

If you're watching The Bachelor 

chocolate strawberries

If there's anything better than a date with Nick Viall, it's kindling the flame with Golden Edibles chocolate-covered strawberries. Each ripe strawberry is perfectly dipped in delectable Belgian chocolate and decorated with contrasting drizzles. 

If you're watching Stranger Things 

Kellog's Eggos

It would be a challenge to make it two episodes in and not want to put Eggo's in the toaster. The leading frozen breakfast from the '90s has a whole new identity now thanks to this show. And while there's a wide variety of flavors to choose from, both Eleven and Influensters can agree the classic Homestyle version is a solid 4.5-star product.  

If you're watching Black Mirror

sugar cookies

A TV show so random in sequence can only be complimented by a dessert that consistently delivers in flavor. You always know what you're getting with Loft House's Frosted Sugar Cookies. Each pastel sugar cookie is so soft that they've earned a whopping 4.5 star rating on Influenster—which would totally pass the approval test on the "Nosedive" episode.   

If you're watching Orange is the New Black 

Creme savers

Because the prison food on Orange is the New Black is never appetizing, you might not be in the mood for an actual meal. Instead, opt for Creme Savers' Orange and Creme Hard Candy to munch on. They have just the perfect amount of tangy flavor without going overboard. 

If you're watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians 


Does anyone else swoon over Khloe's perfectly placed Oreo cookie jar? Next time the camera shifts to that remarkable tower, take it as a cue to grab your handy box of milk's fave cookie and go to town. Calories don't count on V-day!

Which shows and treats are you cuddling up to this February 14? Tell us in the comments below!

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