12 Valentine's Day Gifts to Gift Yourself

'Cause you deserve it

Kortney K.
ByKortney K.

Show yourself some love this season with gifts that pamper, provide some self-care, or are generally just...tasty! No matter your budget, we have twelve gifts to gift yourself that range from uber-lux to buys that won't break the bank:

If you're single this V-Day (my hand is up) and plan on spending the night with yourself - or your besties - you'll need some drinks! I've been loving Avaline Sparkling Wine lately, not only because it's both dry and refreshing, but it's Vegan! Plus, I'm a BIG fan of the founders. Want to stick to clean alchy, but something a bit...stronger? Give Volley a try - it's a tequila seltzer made with 100% blue agave tequila, aka: it avoids the harmful additives of “mixto” tequila and other malt liquors. Plus, the flavors are all delicious! 

On the note of drinks - let's talk wine glasses. These particular Crate and Barrel ones are dishwasher-safe, elegant and will cost you just under $13.00. Cheers!


I'm a firm believe that your bed should be your happy place, so I think treating yourself to a new duvet cover is the perfect gift. This particular Parachute duvet cover is not only insanely comfy, but it features twill ties in all four corners so sleep well knowing that your duvet won't shift side to side while you catch some zzz's.

Did you know that having flowers in your living space not only boosts your mood and memory, but reduces stress? Plus, it's such an easy way to step-up your interior game. That's why I love Bloomsybox - it serves as a monthly or weekly subscription service that delivers flowers to your door! Pst, shipping is included with your order!

In the colder months, I've been loving serum for my dry skin, but sometimes our skin needs more than just a hydrator - and that's where Pure Serenity Golden C Serum comes in. It's a powerful reboot for stressed and exhausted skin, combining line-lifting and skin-firming ingredients, suspended in golden droplets for maximum potency. You can literally drip in gold ... talk about an ultra-luxe gift to yourself!


Chocolate is a stereotypical V-Day gift, but I love eating it nonetheless. That's why I'm into Maggie Louise Beauty Essentials, because it gifts chocolate in a whole new way. The kit includes signature chocolate lipsticks in a shade of blackberry, then added lips filled with peanut butter candy and hazelnut mocha. A white chocolate 'brush' for quick touch-ups and a shimmering salted caramel snakeskin square complete the assortment.

Turn your space into a spa in one easy step - nab the ArNaturals Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser. Change the mood based on lighting, or scent. Zen yet?

I spent several weeks at the beginning of winter with insanely chapped lips. Thankfully, they were hidden under my mask, but the constanct discomfort made me realize I had to do find a solution and I did, thanks to Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. If you don't believe the power of this mask, listen to your fellow Influensters - it's rated #5 in lip balms! Choose from 4 flavors (personally, I'm a berry girl) and let its exclusive Moisture Wrap™ technology do the work, while you dream.

Give your eye zone a dose of extra moisture with Bright Eye Firming Mask from world-renowned esthetician Joanna Vargas. Infused with a potent peptide ingredient, this brightening eye mask prevents the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles, while reducing the appearance of puffy, sagging skin.

I'm a nap girl. I love napping and I think we need to support fellow-nappers with this Nap Queen Sweatshirt Sweater. Imagine the cute IG posts this unisex sweater will help you serve? It has 4.9 stars on Etsy, so trust it.

Adult coloring books have become somewhat of a fade and I understand why - it reduces stress, while reminding us of a happy pastime. This particular adult coloring book (note, "not for kids" on the cover) is a fave of mine because I'm a huge Broad City fan. So, snuggle up with your new BFFs Abbi and Ilana and get coloring!

What are YOU gifting yourself this V-Day?!

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