Six Feet Apart, But Still Together: Celebrating and Finding Love in a Pandemic

Here's what Valentine's Day looks like this year.

Caitlin U.
ByCaitlin U.

While there might be hopes and dreams a plenty for 2021, it has started off with many of us still at home. We're still keeping our distance, eating in and hiding out from the unprecedented dangers outside our doors. 

Still, throughout the challenges that a worldwide pandemic may pose, thousands of Influensters still managed to find and cultivate love in this kind of hopeless place. And if there was ever a time to celebrate love  love for your partner, your community and yourself  it's now. We surveyed 8,000 individuals to see how they plan to celebrate their love this Valentine's Day. Plus we asked how unattached Influensters have navigated dating so far in this new setting. Take a look: 


Agree with the findings? Let us know how and if you plan to celebrate Valentine's Day this year!