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Jessica H.
ByJessica H.

It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy. Whether you’re jetting off to the shore, heading out of town for a wedding, or hopping on the train to the beach, we know you’re always on the go! The VACAY VoxBox is conveniently filled with essential summer must-haves so you can pack up and go worry-free. Before your next weekend getaway, check out what we’re packing with us this summer!

Our VACAY Packing List:

Eva NYC Clean It Up Shampoo

evea nyc clean it up shampoo


If you’re keeping busy this summer you’re going to need to give your hair some extra TLC. Fun in the sun often comes at a price because UV rays, salt water, and humidity can take a serious toll on your healthy locks. Eva NYC solves all your summer haircare woes with their cruelty-free Clean It Up Shampoo! The shampoo gently cleanses, strengthens, and nourishes your hair. It contains argan oil to feed your hair with essential vitamins and nutrients, keeping your mane super soft and extra hydrated. It also contains Keravis™—a protein-based complex designed to strengthen hair and prevent breakage. It’s scientifically proven to dramatically increase strength and flexibility. You can kiss your dry and damaged hair goodbye!


invisibobble® Hair Ring

invisibobble hair ring


We love to put our hair up on hot humid days. Something we don’t love? Annoying knots and breakage caused by our ponytail. The invisibobble® hair ring is the perfect solution for our girls who love an impromptu updo! Thanks to its smooth surface, invisibobble® doesn’t tangle with wet or dry hair. It’s super painless and easy to remove. You can dip into the pool carefree and never be annoyed by your wet hair tie again. The best part? No more ponytail hair dents! Did we mention they’re stylish and adorable? Add them to your wrist this summer, they’re like arm candy.


KISS Blowout Lashes

kiss blowout lashes


Summer love is in the air and it’s no surprise you have a few (dozen) weddings to attend this season. KISS Blowout Lashes are easy to apply and will help you make a statement at your next summer event. They’re super lightweight and wispy, giving you a dramatic, longer lash that looks real! Made with a unique salon-inspired technology, they help boost volume and give you a beautiful, natural lash line. They’re cruelty-free, contact-friendly, and are the most comfortable false lashes you could wish for. Get dolled up and pop them on—you’ll thank us later!


Sour Patch Kids Fire + Freeze Mix

sour patch kids


Summer travel can be grueling. Trains are packed, traffic is heavy, and you’re somehow always hungry. Sour Patch Kids have two new sour then sweet flavors to help bring the fun to your commute. The new Sour Patch Fruit Fire candy brings the heat with a hot sensation followed by a sweet finish. If you’re looking to refresh, you may opt for the new Sour Patch Kids Lemonade Freeze Variety Mix, the chewy candy has a surge of cool leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated. You’ll be on a sugar high until Labor Day! You can redeem your coupon at Target!


Now that we’ve unpacked what’s inside our VACAY VoxBox, tell us which products you can’t wait to try in the comments below! Did you receive the #VACAYVoxBox? Let us know in the comments below!

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