These Brushes Actually Look Like a Mermaid's Tail

Mermaid beauty is back. 

Do you ever look at your brushes and think, meh? With their basic black handles, they just don't sit pretty on our vanities.  Ever since the UK brand Unicorn Lashes launched those unicorn brushes last month, our beauty standards have sky-rocketed. Lucky for us, we can continue to live our best mystical lives with an incoming launch by the same brand! Mermaid brushes are happening, and they're weirder than ever. 



OK, so there's little to no information about this totally crazy (but mesmerizing) makeup launch. But judging by photos, we can count on a variety of four brushes to blend out our makeup to mermaid perfection. And seeing as the unicorn brushes sold out before they even went on sale, you can bet we're putting on those Instagram notifications ASAP.

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Claire R.
Claire R.
I'm a Texas girl living in NYC and obsessed with all things beauty–hot rollers (so southern, I know!), lipstick, and magnetic eyeshadows are just a few of my favorite things. Follow me @clairehrodgers on Instagram!