Turkey Day Mani Inspired By Your Thanksgiving Feast

Feast your eyes on this festive and fun mani

Caitlin U.
ByCaitlin U.

Thanksgiving is almost here and with fewer guests attending our table this year, we decided to treat ourselves to an at-home manicure. But this isn't your average mani, no, we decided to spark our appetites in preparation for our Turkey Day feast, complete with hues that match our favorite dishes. 


And might I say from experience that these nail polishes from Sally Hansen will look just as good together on your nails as they do on your plate. 

Here's the color ingredients in our Thanksgiving Day Manicure from thumb to pinky finger: 


Cranberry Sauce

The classic jelly, berry side dish that you either love or hate. I happen to love the tartness of cranberry sauce and couldn't have a proper Thanksgiving feast or manicure without it. I used Sally Hansen Mega Strength in New Atti-Hue (044). 

Sweet Potatoes

To represent another Thanksgiving Day must have, I used Sally Hansen Mega Strength in #Finning (019). But if sweet potatoes aren't so much your thing, the shimmering warm orange shade could also stand in for pumpkin pie. 


What came first, the Turkey or the Gravy? Well in the case of my Turkey Day mani, it was the gravy, which I used Sally Hansen Mega Strength in Sheriously Strong (018) to replicate. 

Turkey Breast

And now for the main course: Sally Hansen good. kind. pure. in Almond Tan (140), created my turkey-colored nail. The irony in the fact that this polish is plant based, has not gone unnoticed. Perhaps instead of turkey, we should have labeled this nail Tofurky?

Mashed Potatoes

I for one, can never have too many potato options. So I finished my festive fingers off with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Creme de le Creme (229), to represent mashed potatoes. But, this color could also be the marshmallow topping to your sweet potato casserole. 


Admittedly having polished between virtual calls and not having the steadiest hand, all of the polishes applied rather easily and dried quick. So, if you have a little down time waiting for your brussels sprouts to brown, we suggest indulging in a little me-time and save the indulging in food and family for later. 



Did I leave off one of your favorite dishes? The veggies didn't quite hit my top five! Try on more colors virtually with a first-of-its-kind AR nail polish try-on lens that Sally Hansen launched with Snapchat not too long ago. 


Have your own festive mani to share? Post a pic in our #ManiCam Gallery!