TUMS Sent A Chef To Prove How Amazing Their Newest Launch Is

Three-courses later, I'm convinced

Kortney K.
ByKortney K.

For over 90 years, TUMS has been offering reliable heartburn relief as America's #1 antacid brand. They're so confident in their product, that they sent a chef to my apartment to cook a three-course meal with ingredients that often induce heartburn. Of course, they supplied their newest flavors of TUMS for relief.

Before we cover the delicious meal, let's talk about the newest flavors to TUMS Naturals:

Black Cherry and Watermelon

Coconut Pineapple

Both deliver fast and powerful relief as the active ingredient, calcium carbonate, goes to work in seconds and neutralizes acid on contact. Tablets are free of artificial flavors and dyes. Also, they taste awesome.

How do I know if I have heartburn?

There's four stages:

  1. Feeling of burning in the chest

  2. Acid indigestion

  3. Sour stomach

  4. Upset stomach associated with the above symptoms

The meal:

Chef Jimmy from from private dining company dinedk cooked up a three-course meal - starting with a soup (think: "fried" mozzarella in tomato soap), a yummy entree including burdundy braised short ribs and of course, a dessert full of decanant chocolate.

In case you're asking - no, I didn't get heartburn, thanks to Tums.


Want to shop the new great-tasting flavors and varieties? Head to your nearest drugstore or on-line and shop from a variety of sizes ranging from just $3.99 to $13.99. 

If you do try these new flavors, let us know by sharing on IG and tag #TUMSworthy!

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