The Trends That Won Influensters' Hearts in 2020

These are a few of our favorite things

Caitlin U.
ByCaitlin U.

We spent more time inside, online and sans makeup in 2020, and there was some newfound entertainment that helped us through it all. We took to Instagram to see what 2020 trends Influensters got behind this year — and from baking to masking and everything in between, here are the things that won our poll and your hearts: 


You made… Banana Bread.

Everyone became — or at least attempted to become — an at-home baker this year, whipping up all kinds of goodies, including homemade bread. Sourdough and banana bread pics practically broke the internet, but banana was the Influenster favorite. 

You did more… Face Masks.

When it came to relaxing, Influensters were all about face masks in 2020 and less about bubble baths. Perhaps a resolution for 2021 could be to do more face masks and bubble baths. Have a favorite, go-to mask or soak? Be sure to leave a review so your fellow Influensters know what's what. 

At home, you made... Big Changes.

All that time at home inspired some big changes around the house. Influensters opted for full-on renovations over making small touch ups. 

Your virtual happy hour host of choice was… Zoom.

HouseParty had nothing on Zoom, when it came to the question of your preferred virtual host for get togethers with friends and family. 

When it came to hair, you went... Au naturale.

Influensters opted to embrace their grays, natural texture and length over DIYing their own at-home hairstyling. Three cheers for embracing your natural beauty!

For Zoom meetings your camera was… Off. 

Should this have even been a question?  

The TikTok trend you participated in was… Target Challenge.

Whipped coffee was well and good but had nothing on one of our favorite retailers when it came to choosing the TikTok challenge you were more about. 

You watched more… Netflix.

Disney+ definitely helped fill some voids, but Netflix reigned supreme when deciding between your favorite streaming platform. 

You went crazy over… The Schitt's Creek Finale.

Tiger King surely made a splash, but if 2020 was a good year for anyone it had to be for the Schitt's Creek cast, who won three Emmys for their final season. 

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