Top 10 Throwback Netflix Shows to Binge Watch

Top 10 Throwback Netflix Shows to Binge Watch

Calling all Netflix addicts! So you’ve made your way through Making A Murder and binge watching Chelsea Does and now you're up in the air about what to watch next, what about throwing it back? Netflix has an amazing array of classics and we have created a fool proof guide to the perfect throwback televisions series! 


If you just finished binge watching Grey's Anatomy...

Nurse Jackie is the show for you.

Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie is very similar to Grey's Anatomy in that’s based on a hospital. This show is incredibly addictive and you will fall in love with all of its quirky characters! From drug addicted employees to crazy love affairs this show is a must for you!


If you just finished binge watching the Vampire Diaries...

you should definitely check out One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill

If you finally have peeled yourself away from watching Vampire Diaries, we want to recommend a throwback that is perfect for the teen drama addicted Netflix viewers. No there isn’t vampires in One Tree Hill but there is enough drama, cliffhangers and plot twists to leave you wanting more! 


If you just finished binge watching New Girl...

try watching Cheers!


Polishing of the newly added season of  New Girl? No worries we have the perfect throwback for you! Cheers is a shows based in a big city ( much like New Girl) and shares every day life stories and experiences of those who enter the bar! You’ll laugh your head off and sympathize with the breakups and misconceptions of adulthood. Give this classic show a shot


If you just finished binge watching House Of Cards...

you should check out West Wing.

West Wing

Your addiction to House of Cards has come to an end...or until the new season is released. And while you're hanging on the edge of your seat we have the perfect presidential throwback for you to keep you mind in the White House. West Wing takes you inside the lives of those who are running the country and will keep you clicking that “ Are you still watching” button.


If you just finished binge watching Making A Murderer...

you need to try watching The X-Files.

The X Files

You've been ranting and raving and pretending you're a detective after binge watching Making  A Murder and we have the perfect Netflix throwback fix for you! The X-Files is almost as addictive as puppy chow...we aren't kidding!  This show is all about investigate the odd, unexplained and simply baffling crimes and finding answers! 


If You Just finished binge watching Friday Night Lights...

Freaks and Geeks should be next up on your watch list.

Freaks and Geeks

So you’re trying to reliving the glory days of high school and you just finished Friday Night Lights...Riggen forever. Freaks and Geeks is one of our favorite teen throwback..because no matter what you say it’s relatable. This show will have you laughing, crying and everything in between! 


If you just finished binge watching Modern Family...

Malcolm in the Middle is THE show for you!

Malcolm in the Middle

Everyone loves a good family based show and there is no denying that Modern Family has 10’s across the board! Our throwback pick for you Modern Family fans is Malcolm In the Middle, this classic show is absolutely hilarious and definitely follow the sitcom style.

If you just binge watched Dexter...

Twin Peaks is an obvious next series.

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks will be your next Netflix addiction after watching Dexter! This show follow an FBI agent who is trying to solve a mysterious murder in a small town. Just like Dexter this show takes insane twists and turns that will make your jaw drop. This is must watch throwback if you love crime and mystery! 


If you just binge watched Glee...

you'll love Saved By The Bell.

Saved by the Bell

If you love a show full of pep and laughter you’ll love throwing it back to Saved By The Bell. This show much like glee is based upon a  group of friends facing everyday trials and tribulations of growing up.You’ll be addicted to this light and bubbly show and...Mario Lopez of course!


If you just binge watched Gossip Girl...

try Dawson's Creek on for size!

Dawson's Creek

Although this show doesn't take place in the Upper East Side, it’s still jammed packed with the drama, plot twists and love triangles that had you watching back to back gossip girl.


What is your Netflix guilty pleasure? Have any show suggestions? Let us know in the comments!