Tooth Paint: It’s Real and We Tried It

CHRŌM toothpolish wants to beautify your teeth

Corrie D.
ByCorrie D.

If you follow beauty trends on TikTok you may have seen some teens tackling a new frontier on their faces to get the ultimate look—tooth polish to match their makeup to their mouth. From glitter and gold finishes to bright white, CHRŌM is hoping to change your mind about teeth as the next beauty canvas. 

When we first heard about this trend we were skeptical, but CHRŌM assured us their toothpolish is non-toxic (FD&C approved ingredients) and easy to remove. The toothpolish is also made in America, vegan and cruelty-free. One of our hard-working Account Manager employees, Ali Kotler, took up the challenge to test out this trend, specifically the colors: Pretty in Pink, Uptight White, and Glitterati

How To Apply CHRŌM Toothpolish

Step 1: Mix it up  

Shake the bottle hard to mix the settled pigments. If pigments are still settled after shaking, stir with a toothpick. Using the integrated brush to mix or agitate will cause unwanted fraying of the bristles.

Step 2: Dry your teeth  

Tuck cotton rolls between gums to keep mouth open. Wipe saliva off with cloth, tissue, or gauze. Your teeth must be completely dry for toothpolish to stick.

Step 3: Paint your teeth 

Apply the polish in thin layers. To avoid streaking, paint 1-3 strokes per tooth. It is important to allow at least 10 seconds dry time between layers. Polish is dry when hardened. Not dry = soft/jelly. You want to keep the polish brush clean. Wipe it off on a disposable cloth or gauze before dipping it back into the bottle. Wiping brush, brush arm, and bottle edge with high-proof alcohol is also recommended. Do not leave brushes out too long since or they will dry and harden.

"It definitely feels weird at first, putting paint on your teeth, but I could see how this could be a trend!" 

- Ali Kotler

Step 4: Maintain it

If you get any excess polish on your gums. use a toothpick to remove it (its easier while the polish is still wet). You can drink and eat soft foods with the polish on, but you may want to bring the polish with you for on-the-go touchups. Toothpolish is only meant to last a day. 

How To Remove CHRŌM Toothpolish

Its easy to remove the toothpolish, just peel or chip it off. Use your clean fingernail to chip off the polish. Or cover your finger with a cloth, tissue, or gauze. It is easiest to remove toothpolish when its completely dry. To remove excess flakes, brush and floss your teeth. 

"I painted one tooth, let it dry, and then it was easy to peel off afterwards. Not messy at all! ...I could see this being cute for a more adventurous consumer ...maybe for Halloween or a rave."

- Ali Kotler

You can shop the full line of tooth polishes on CHRŌM's website. Check out their Instagram and Tiktok for more inspo. 


What do you think? Would you try toothpolish? Let us know in the comments below. 

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