To DYE for! Unconvential Hair Colors

To DYE for! Unconvential Hair Colors

I’m not suggesting you color your hair all the colors of the rainbow all at once (unless you want to), but I do think there is a lot of fun in experimenting and a lot that you can discover about yourself with a different hair color. I think you’ll be surprised by how much hair color can impact how you feel, look, and carry yourself.

The hair color(s) you choose to try don’t really matter. In fact, it’s not even about the hair or the color. It’s really just about experimenting with your own self-expression and exploring different parts of yourself. I’m sure any girl out there can tell you what a huge difference a new haircut can make and hair colors are simply an extension of that. It’s never too late to reinvent yourself and getting a new fun haircut or hair color is a great way to do it! I think it’s definitely something you should try at some point in your life because it’s fun, it’s not a permanent thing (like a tattoo would be), and it’s really interesting at the different ways you will see yourself with different hair colors.

If you’re having fears about not liking the color or cut, you can always buy a wig first to see how you feel. Otherwise, there are tons of beauty apps that you can download on your phone (usually for free) where you can superimpose different looks over a photo of yourself which is helpful in getting an idea of the effect that color or cut will have on you.



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