5 Tips To Transform Dry, Winter Skin

Skin feeling the freeze? Let these five tips help you battle the signs of winter skin.

Kim T.
ByKim T.

With the arrival of winter our complexions need to work overtime to protect against strong chilly winds, indoor heaters and sinking temperatures. However, there are ways to keep that healthy, luminous summer skin.

Use moisture-inducing products

Feeling the chill? So is your skin. Give light-weight lotions the boot and stock up on moisture-inducing products. During winter, your skin is exposed to changing environmental conditions. This weakens the skin’s natural barrier and it becomes dry, tense, and sensitive. To battle this, switch to a cream-based moisturizer. Look for products containing vitamin B, an antioxidant that will help calm sensitive skin, and hyaluronic acid, which provides a boost of moisture.

Be gentle 

The key to keeping your skin in check during harsh winter months is to use gentle cleansers. Since your skin is already lacking moisture you want to use products that are mild and won’t strip away those much-needed natural oils. Avoid products with perfume as this might irritate your skin further. Look for products containing glycerine, which traps moisture in your skin giving it a healthy glow. Both cream and oil cleansers are gentle on the skin and have moisture built right in.

Avoid hot showers and baths

We know it is tempting to have hot showers when it is cold, but this can create unnecessary stress on your skin. Hot water evaporates fast which actually dehydrates your skin and if the skin is not immediately moisturised cracks can appear in the surface. Take short, warm (not hot) showers to help maintain your skin's natural moisture. If you do treat yourself to a hot shower or bath, keep your bathroom door closed if possible and apply a thick moisturiser immediately afterward.

Put some oil on it

Cold temperatures and whipping winds can be harsh on skin. Face oils are the largest growing group of skincare products on the market, so there are plenty to choose from. Adding oils to your daily routine will help strengthen your skin's barriers, prevent moisture loss, and lock in hydration for a plumper look. Applying a layer of oil before using a cream-based moisturiser will help trap in the hydration. Some popular options include borage seed, argan, safflower, sea buckthorn and sweet almond for their ability to moisturize without clogging pores.

Don't get too cosy with the heater

Everyone does it, the urge to blast the heater in winter is hard to resist. Unfortunately, dry heat is just as bad as icy winds for your skin as it causes unnecessary stress on the skin's defense barriers, increasing loss of hydration. Snuggle up with blankets and warm clothes to stay warm instead. Another way to prevent dryness is using a humidifier that adds moisture back to the air, especially good if you’re prone to blasting the heat. Drinking an extra two glasses of water a day can work wonders on dry skin.

Go easy with the exfoliating

Chapped winter skin does not call for that extra peel. In winter, it is important to exfoliate less frequently than in other seasons. If your skin is really, really dry do not exfoliate at all as dehydrated skin is more sensitive and prone to damage. If your skin is fine and you’re craving a scrub, we suggest every other week at most to help speed up the skin’s regeneration and allow better penetration of your moisturiser. Another great tip is to switch to a chemical exfoliant, instead of physical exfoliators, as they remove thae dry surface layer without causing micro-tears. 


What are your best tips for taking care of your skin in cold weather and harsh conditions? Let us know in the comments below!