Tips to Make Your WFH Space More Productive and Ultra-Chic

Tips from a pro 

Maya L.
ByMaya L.

It’s been more than a year since we were forced to take our habits and adjust them into indoor living exclusively. The office cafe was replaced with the kitchen table, the work commute disappeared, and the only outdoor sports activities were done in the back yard or a local park.


One of the things we love about the office space is the design – a slick and high-end kitchen, colorful and comfy shared spaces for casual chitchats and meetings, the super-equipped desks, and green plants in every corner.


So why is it that when we set up our home-work space we forget about these little things? 

Imagine a nice little desk, with a laptop, keyboard, mousepad with wrist support… so far, you’ve got the essentials, but what about a nice design to make you feel happy as you go about the daily tasks? Some tips: 


If your home office spot isn’t next to a window, consider placing a few plants or flowers (even fake ones!). You could even create a lovely boho-chic environment with these hanging plants.

If you're seated opposite a window, the light from the window can make you look like a dark shadow on video calls. Place a desk lamp behind your screen to instantly light you up (similar to a makeup mirror effect.)



Having to share the workspace with another member of your household? No problem! Simply install a curtain tension rod (to eliminate the need for drilling) and a lovely opaque curtain and voila – you’ve created a separation.


Complete the vibe by investing in a nice oil diffuser to add a calming scent to your space. Add a wireless and chic charging pad or an earth-friendly stainless steel water bottle.


What are your tips for creating a focus-friendly sapce at home? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Maya L.
Maya L.
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