Tips to Get Your Natural Hair Ready For the Fall Weather

The fall season has crept upon us which means cold weather & shorter days. If you’re a natural curly girl like me, it’s time to adjust your haircare routine if you want to maintain those healthy curls throughout the season. Fall is the time when you should take extra care of your hair. Due to the change in the temperature, your curls are more prone to suffer from dryness.

If your goal is to retain length and maintaining healthy hair, here are couple tips that will help:

Pre-Poo: If you suffer from dry, itchy scalp during the colder months, you may want to incorporate a pre-poo treatment using extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil into your haircare routine. Warm your chosen oil in the microwave for 30 to 60 seconds and massage directly into your scalp for five to ten minutes. Try Filippo Berrio Olive Oil or Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil.

Deep Condition: This is necessary for almost every wash to restore moisture. Using a plastic cap or hair steamer helps the conditioner penetrate the hair follicle even more making this even more beneficial. Influensters love the Carol's Daughter Repairing Mask.

Oil the ends of your hair daily. One of the major causes of hair breakage is the lack of moisture at the ends of the hair. Apply an oil such as Coconut or Olive oil (a little goes a long way) to your ends every day. Or, try a nourishing hair oil. Reviewers on Influenster love Kerastase Nutritive Sérum Oléo-Relax Hair Oil For Dry Hair.

Since the weather is cooler during the fall months, it’s a good idea to reduce your wash days. Since water is one of your hair’s main sources of moisture, you might find that you need to moisturize more often between your washes.

Trim away the dry, brittle ends that have been damaged by the summer sun. 

Protective styles. Protective styling guards your hair from being exposed to the elements by tucking your ends away. These styles can be your best friend during the fall/winter. They help to maintain strong, healthy, and moisturized hair. Some great styles include Bantu knots, buns, braids, and twists.

What do you do to get your natural hair ready for the cold weather? Let us know in the comments below!